Week 12 – I Am Inspired!

Do your dreams inspire you?

When I think of providing clean air for over 6,000 people on or before November 18th, 2018 — I am ecstatic!

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that because of my efforts, many people, families and children will live healthier, longer lives.

Knowledge does not apply itself.

I have the knowledge… I must make the effort… or use the tricks & tools that are given to me.

My subconscious is definitely working for me. It’s nice to have an employee I don’t have to pay.

Index cards, movie posters, recordings, readings, sitting… all these things are my friends. They help me to make more of my life without having to work any harder.

I am so grateful, every day for the knowledge that I am applying.

Join me, and hundreds of others on the journey of a lifetime.

I invite you to get on the waiting list to join the Master Key MasterMind Experience, next year.

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Week 11- Observing the Differences

Each week we are doing these lessons together… hundreds of us.

Some of the lessons I like a lot. Some of them, not so much.

I was bored with the battleship exercise a few weeks back. And the exercise where we were growing of the cone was easy and boring too. I was flipping that cone around like an expert juggler and changing it’s colors like a chameleon.

I don’t like being bored.

bibleThis week, the exercise was the most pleasant, the most exciting exercise yet. We were to concentrate on the quotation from the Bible:

Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.

I had a great time with this one (and continue to enjoy it as the week wraps up). I followed the instructions and noticed that there is no limitation. Like in life and in the imagination… no limitation.

The curious thing is, as much as I liked this lesson, a friend in the class did NOT like this week’s lesson. For now, I am just observant. We are all so different, and yet so much the same.

This was my favorite lesson by far because it allowed me to visualize what I want most in this world, to help people be free of the toxins that are making them sick.

This week’s lesson allowed me to be grateful for what I already have… which is everything I desire. Because I already have what I desire… all I need to do is be grateful for it and it is mine.

This may sound circular and not make much sense, but if you read the passage from the bible and really understand it, it says there are no limits. As long as you believe you already possess what you desire, be ready to receive it because it is already yours.

That is what I learned this week.

What did you learn?

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bread dough

Week 10 – I NEED the MKMMA

If you read my last few blog posts… it’s not pretty.

It’s a bunch of negative bull&*%$!!!

Snap out of it, Heather!

Start doing the readings.

Start contributing to the community with comments, sharing and love.

Start doing what you said you were going to do when you signed up for this class!

Either that or give up.

I persist until I succeed.

Week 10 – Master Key lesson is all about cause and effect.

I am the cause of my own EVERYTHING.

I am in complete control of my reality and how I react to it.

When any object or purpose is clearly held in thought, its precipitation, in tangible and visible form, is merely a question of time. The vision always precedes and itself determines the realization
~Lillian Whiting

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Week 9 – Blame the Apple Pie

This blog was due the Friday after Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had it at my house, surrounded by family and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was tremendously nice that everyone is healthy and able to get together for dinner. And I enjoy having everyone over.

excusesFriday morning, I decided to have apple pie for breakfast.

And that was it. My mouth was blistered, I was terribly ill. I’ll spare you the details. I reacted to something in the apple pie. And I was sick for days.

Just as I was recovering, my son got sick. Very sick.

Life got very, very busy.

I let my Master Keys Lessons slip. I have not been keeping my commitments. I considered quitting the blogging requirements and still haven’t decided if I am going to continue.

My friend, Carolynn told me to get something up for the two weeks behind, do my sits and get back into it. She is right. If I give this up… that would not be good.

I am getting back in the swing of things. I am going to read Og and then go to bed.

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do or do not - yoda

Week 8 – Believe

do or do not - yodaI try…

not to put my attention on being sick.

Even when I am…

not feeling my best.

It’s been a tough time for me.

Since I got back from Hawaii…

I’ve been feeling poorly.


Maybe, in part.

But, really…

There is that word… think.

Many people quote Yoda from this scene in “The Empire Strikes Back” — Yoda says, “Try not… do, or do not..There is no try.”

There is a lot more in this clip than just that. It really speaks to the laws we are learning in the Master Key.

Luke gets all negative and says the task is too big. He can’t do it.

And Yoda points out his negativity.

That’s when Yoda tells him — Don’t stick your big toe in… jump in and DO IT NOW.

You can’t just TRY something and expect results. You have to DO. Or not do.

Luke tries and experiences a set back. He fails. He gives up again. His will is weak. He has lost his faith. It’s easier to sit down and complain about how hard it is than it is to keep DOing.

And Yoda tells him, size does not matter. The Universe does not care about the size of your dream. It only cares if you believe with every fiber of your being that your dream is going to happen.

For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship. ~Yoda

Luke still believes the task to be “impossible” — he walks away and sulks.

While Yoda gets it done.

Those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it. ~Joel Arthur Barker

believe yodaAt the very end of this clip, Yoda makes the most profound statement. Luke says, “I don’t believe it” and Yoda tells him… “That is why you fail.”

Until we believe 100% in ourselves, in our dreams, in our Definite Major Purpose… until we REALLY BELIEVE… we are going to experience doubt… and failure… and set backs.

Does that apply to health?

I don’t know yet.

I do believe there are real forces that make me sick.

Last week, my body tested positive for C. Diff and Mycotoxins.

That makes me believe that no matter how much positive thinking I do, my body is vulnerable to toxins.

I got an air cleaner in my house and I started to feel better.

Is that because I believe in the poisons or because they are actually there.

If I believed I were invincible… would I be?

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Week 7 – Imagine That

I didn’t feel like writing a blog today.

Ever have a day like that?  You are supposed to do something… and you just don’t feel like it.

What do you do?

Do you suck it up and do it anyway?  Or do you put it off?

Sometimes my own imagination scares me.  Like Ernie, in this skit.  And Bert tells Ernie, think about things you like.  You like balloons?  Think about balloons.  It’s really that simple.

Here in the middle of imagination… right in the middle of my head… I close my eyes and my home isn’t home and my bed isn’t really my bed. I look inside and discover things that are sometimes strange and new. And the most remarkable thoughts I think have a way of being true.

I remember when I was little, we used to have Sesame Street albums. This song was on one of those records and I used to lie on the floor with my eyes closed and imagine things I like.

I would travel the world!  My imagination has taken me places I haven’t seen yet… but I will!

What Would YOU Do?

So many people are afraid to say what they really imagine themselves doing.  This scene from Good Will Hunting illustrates the fear Will has of what he will actually do with his life.  He would rather make jokes than make a decision.  It’s easier to skate by and do nothing than to dig in and make a difference.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. ~Marianne Williamson

I have felt this paralyzing fear. My own dreams and my own imagination scare the stuffing out of me. Sometimes, my own power to manifest what I want in life scares me. This week’s exercise is powerful. We are to imagine we are with a friend… and we tell a story to our friend and their face lights up.

I alternated between friends. I picked Robin Williams and Sir Richard Branson. They were marvelous guests and we enjoyed our time together. We mostly discussed a project to bring clean air to the masses.  I got some great ideas from our talks.

“I think that if we could get every business person to use some of their entrepreneurial skills by adopting A problem in this world… maybe a major problem in their particular industry, a major global problem or a major national problem… we could get on top of most of the problems of the world.” ~Sir Richard Branson at 2:01

What is the problem that you would adopt?

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Week 6 – Feeding My Peptides

The rush of coming in at the 11th hour and squeaking in by the deadline.

(Here I am, writing my blog at the last minute.)

I get my blog done early! I comment and share on at least 10 blogs every week.

Do it now!

I form good habits and I become their slave.

The seed of success I swallow.

I love you… and everyone.

I really do enjoy Og.

And this week’s reading reminded me of something Jesus says in the Bible:
“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you… If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that?” Matthew 5:43-46

Jocelyn & CullenI picked a great picture for this week’s exercise too. One of my absolute favorites from when the kids were little.

I am so glad it is time for the movie poster… it was about time I redo that.

I accomplished my blue rectangle from last year’s poster. And really… as I look at last year’s movie poster… the other shapes were wishy-washy.

Being clear is so important!

Clear body, clear mind.

I had a breakthrough this week.

I have a sticky note on my computer with a domain name I bought a few months ago.

And this week, I discovered what will go on that site.

Watch for developments on CleanAirFix.com
It is NOT UP YET. So don’t contact me telling me it’s not working. lol

I am so excited, I could burst with excitement.

I can picture it. I am writing it, living it, breathing it.

I will have the site up as soon as I can get it approved by corporate.

If you read my Press Release, you will see that my passion… my purpose is to help people who have been made sick by toxins… to have safe places to live.

The universe is helping me to achieve that.

We have the technology.

It’s all about technology.

I am so grateful that someone else invented it.

And it is working.

And there are testimonies and proven results.

And I am looking forward to sharing this with the world… and making the world a better place.

I am greeting each day with love in my heart!! These are the peptides I am feeding!

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Week 5 – Turning the Page

book beachWhen a page is turned in a book… you can no longer see what was on the previous page… you must look forward.  Some things in life are like that too.

Sure, you can look back in the book.  You can always look back.

The question is, should you.

Looking forward, with clarity and passion…

That is where we gain the most ground.

This week we were to not give any opinions unless asked or we are an expert in the area… like if someone were to ask me my opinion on web design and techno stuff online.  Then, I could give my opinion.

book of lifeBut, only because I am an expert in those areas.

Where am I not an expert?

LOTS of things.  I found myself silent… and seeking the opinions of others.  I found myself asking, “What do you think?”  …and I found myself listening.


I am surely not an expert in parenting.  I’ve had more than 20 years of experience… but I am no expert.

I have my opinions…

But I am no expert.

Parenting teenagers is no picnic.

Parenting teenagers while having no opinion is actually… easier.

On me.

At least that’s how I feel.

It’s my opinion that causes the riff in our relationship… and when I abandon my opinion, I am left with an open mind.  It was certainly a different experience to listen without an agenda and without judgement.

book travelI don’t remember this exercise affecting me this way last year.  I am amazed at how much more I am getting out of the MKMMA this second time around.  It is certainly worth taking again and again… perhaps for a lifetime.

I form good habits and become their slave.

Tomorrow we turn the page in The Greatest Salesman in the World.

I am looking forward… looking forward to the next chapter.

In more ways than one.

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Week 4 – If Today Were the Last Day of My Life

do it nowIf Today Were the Last Day of My Life…

Would I want to do what I am about to do?

How many people can answer yes to that question?

Can you?

Can you honestly say that you enjoy what you do?

We should all be so lucky, right?

Funny thing is… we ARE that lucky. Each and every one of us has a choice. We can either enjoy every moment or not. We can be grateful or not. We can create the life of our dreams or live someone else’s nightmare.

I don’t know why I started watching Steve Jobs interviews tonight when I should have been writing my blog. I just did.

As I watched from the earliest speech in 1980 to a game show parody with Bill Gates in 1983 to the unveiling of various Apple products over the next decades, I saw a brilliant man with an idea to help some friends turn an idea into a movement of simplicity and innovation.

Steve Jobs was a problem solver. He solved problems people didn’t know they had until he came up with the solution. People wanted to use computers but they didn’t want to learn how to use computers. He made using a computer simple.

He once said, “The older generation wants to know how it works, young people want to know what it does.” He sold what it does.

But most of all… he lived his passion.

I went looking for a quote that I’ve heard more than a dozen times by Henry Thoreau… just to find out he never really said it. The way I have always heard the quote is, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.”
What he actually wrote is:

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. From the desperate city you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats. A stereotyped but unconscious despair is concealed even under what are called the games and amusements of mankind. There is no play in them, for this comes after work. But it is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.

It’s taken effort and hard work, but I believe I am getting wiser.  I’m not perfect.  I make mistakes.  I learn from them.  I continue.

I used to really connect with the song, Desperado by the Eagles.

I can remember listening to the 8-track of The Eagles 1980 Live and loving every time that song came on. It touched me someplace… someplace I don’t connect with anymore… and that’s a good thing.  Not that I don’t like the song… I do.  It’s just not speaking to me as if it were a part of me.  It’s somebody else.

Growth is good.

A mentor of mine once said, “If you are green you are growing… if you are ripe you rot.”

Are you in a comfort zone?

Are you getting up every day, going to a job you hate just because you feel you have to?

Or are you living a life full of passion… full of purpose.

grand adventureSpeak your purpose loudly and with enthusiasm.

I know I do. And I know the rewards I am getting are real.  Freedom is not just some people talkin’ — freedom is ME talking with enthusiasm about MY dreams. Freedom is YOU believing in your dreams.  Freedom is US working together to dream a better dream.

Thanks Mark J. & Davene for putting an awesome course together. I love how it pushes me to places I was only dreaming of before. I love watching other people grow from this course as much as I enjoy reaching my own goals.

Now… I know… my dreams… come true.

Every day is a dream come true. Today was no different… but then again… it was. I reached a milestone today. It was a grand day.

Thank you to Cassandra, Carolynn, Walter, Mark, and Brad… your attention on my DMP was heart-warming and amazing. I felt the power of our mastermind… I am honored that you all shared in my dreams and I am humbled to be able to share in your dreams.

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Week 3 – I Am Magnetic

glue stickWhen I was a kid, we had the saying, “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

I’m glue. My subby is glue. Everything I say sticks like glue… and I am saying a lot of cool stuff.

3 times a day, minimum… I do my readings with ENTHUSIASM. And my subby is taking over the controls. That’s a good thing. I am so grateful for the opportunity to take this class again and join forces with so many awesome people!

I am really resonating with my definite major purpose and all the daily readings are helping me stay at peace. Life is good. I’ve always known that life is good… but it has never been as clear as it is today. And tomorrow will be even better.

Since the work I do on myself through the Master Key Mastermind Alliance is cumulative… I am building a foundation for my new life that is built of the finest stone imaginable.

It’s late and I really didn’t feel like writing a blog, so this one is going to be short.

I am magnetic… and I attract all that my heart desires.

I do this by changing my habits, one reading… one exercise at a time.

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