A Real Challenge – Week 4

Not sure why I feel as if I am hitting a wall… it seems with all my readings and meditations, my dreams at night are plagued with violence and nightmares.

Today, I can’t get my mind off the dream I woke up to this morning. I did my morning readings. I was screaming with emotion to get my mind on the positive.

stop-violenceI did my sitting and although I could not get my mind blank, I was concentrating on keeping my mind focused on what I want in my life. I would get my movie rolling… and in would come the bloody nightmare.

What causes nightmares? Is my subby is fighting me?

Going off to have lunch, do my mid-day readings and meditate again.

More sitting.

More index cards.

More reading.

More smiling.

More laughing.

I often think of the song Accentuate the Positive

Eliminating the negative is the hard part.  If I lived in a bubble it would be a lot easier.

I remember something that Mark said about not having violent video games in the house when the girls were younger.   My son plays those games… in the other room.  Could that vibration be affecting me?

scared little girlMy husband watches NCIS on Tuesday nights… should I make arrangements to be out of the house then? My daughter likes to watch detective shows like Monk. Is it time to put a kibosh to that too?

I really want to be free of these nightmares.

C’mon subby. Latch onto the affirmative, will ya?


I appreciate you.

I always keep my promises,


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15 thoughts on “A Real Challenge – Week 4

  1. Davene

    Great blog Heather Mahalo for your honesty. I remember this same thing happening to me and I was watching the Sopranos and I stopped because the violence was to hard to watch and I started watching What the Bleep Do We Know everyday and they went away. :) Good Luck with that and if your mind is fighting back then what you’re doing is working!!!

  2. Sheila

    Great insight Heather. I think a lot of people are becoming aware of this. I’ve stopped watching the news as well. If anything worth knowing happens someone always calls me. Love and light.

  3. Kathy Ketterhagen

    Heather had this experience one morning earlier this week…great insight! Exchanging a good habit for another. Learning this. Thought on in it this morning while reading GS. So amazing…the scrolls!

    1. Heather Post author

      I wish I knew what dreams meant… no dreams at night sounds peaceful to me. I’d like nice dreams, but I’d settle for no dreams!

  4. Islandbeach Kevin

    Love this blog!! Awesome authenticity. The subby is attacking us all…we will fight through it !! I loved listening to this song while I read your post, loved this post and the positive message “Accentuate the Positive”

  5. Cherry Dunn

    Wondering how your doing? Is your subby back under control and the nightmares gone? I was wondering if you ever listen to soft meditation music whilst you do your last reading at night – when I have had a really bad day, I make a conscious effort to listen to soft meditation music for ten/fifteen minutes to relax me, then I do my reading. Sincerely hope its all getting better. Have a great week :)

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks Cherry! Three nights in a row with good dreams… I must be turning a corner with my subby. As a matter of fact, I have been listening to an old CenterPointe audio I have that is holosync… an advanced training for the brain. I decided to start listening to it as I went to sleep and it has helped immensely! Thanks for the suggestion! It’s a good one!

  6. Geni Witt

    Nightmares, NO FUN! I definitely have learned I need to be aware of what I let in. The scary, or violent shows seep in quicker than anything else does for me. I think because it affects our emotions so powerfully. Many years ago, I had recurring nightmares where I was continuously defeated by evil-unable to escape, rendered powerless, and full of fear. I asked God to walk with me in my dreams, like He does with me during the day. The result for me; I was able to call on Him during my nightmares; He would wake me up and bring me out of them. I no longer felt powerless in my dreamworld. The nightmares stopped.


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