do or do not - yoda

Week 8 – Believe

do or do not - yodaI try…

not to put my attention on being sick.

Even when I am…

not feeling my best.

It’s been a tough time for me.

Since I got back from Hawaii…

I’ve been feeling poorly.


Maybe, in part.

But, really…

There is that word… think.

Many people quote Yoda from this scene in “The Empire Strikes Back” — Yoda says, “Try not… do, or do not..There is no try.”

There is a lot more in this clip than just that. It really speaks to the laws we are learning in the Master Key.

Luke gets all negative and says the task is too big. He can’t do it.

And Yoda points out his negativity.

That’s when Yoda tells him — Don’t stick your big toe in… jump in and DO IT NOW.

You can’t just TRY something and expect results. You have to DO. Or not do.

Luke tries and experiences a set back. He fails. He gives up again. His will is weak. He has lost his faith. It’s easier to sit down and complain about how hard it is than it is to keep DOing.

And Yoda tells him, size does not matter. The Universe does not care about the size of your dream. It only cares if you believe with every fiber of your being that your dream is going to happen.

For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship. ~Yoda

Luke still believes the task to be “impossible” — he walks away and sulks.

While Yoda gets it done.

Those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those who are doing it. ~Joel Arthur Barker

believe yodaAt the very end of this clip, Yoda makes the most profound statement. Luke says, “I don’t believe it” and Yoda tells him… “That is why you fail.”

Until we believe 100% in ourselves, in our dreams, in our Definite Major Purpose… until we REALLY BELIEVE… we are going to experience doubt… and failure… and set backs.

Does that apply to health?

I don’t know yet.

I do believe there are real forces that make me sick.

Last week, my body tested positive for C. Diff and Mycotoxins.

That makes me believe that no matter how much positive thinking I do, my body is vulnerable to toxins.

I got an air cleaner in my house and I started to feel better.

Is that because I believe in the poisons or because they are actually there.

If I believed I were invincible… would I be?

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3 thoughts on “Week 8 – Believe

  1. Carolynn Sokil

    ABSOLUTELY! In answer to your last question :o) One further consideration since we are on the subject….remember what we are learning – in that “what we think about grows”. There must be balance within and without = otherwise how could missionaries treat the ill while remaining healthy? Love and blessings Heather!
    Carolynn Sokil recently posted…The Synchronicity of It ALL – DoWoo #93/365My Profile

  2. Fiona

    I have decided to enlarge my dreams – to believe in knowing they will become reality. What do I have to lose. Inspired by Yoda!!


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