Courage – Week 15

This week we were asked to review the following virtues that Ben Franklin wrote about in his Autobiography which is available for free here. Number them 1-11 in the order that I need to work on them.

The virtues are:

  • Self Control
  • Discipline
  • Enthusiasm
  • Courage
  • Persistence
  • Specialized Knowledge
  • Imagination
  • Decisiveness
  • Well Organized
  • Taking Initiative
  • Pleasing Personality

The one that popped out at me the strongest is courage. I had one friend tell me I have more courage than anyone she has ever met. That just goes to show that how I feel and how I look to others are two different things.

I can’t help but tell you that the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz has been in my head all week.

There are a couple of examples of courage that stand out in my week, so far.

On Sunday night, my friend Laura had the courage to leave her house and face homelessness even though she is very sick with toxic mold which has caused pancreatitis. I had the courage to talk to her brother, sister and mother about a very controversial subject that I am completely passionate about, toxic mold.

courage1I knew that in the past some of her family members had not believed that mold could be making her sick… and I knew this may be tough to do a fundraiser without their support. So I gathered up my courage… and I was pleasantly surprised and truly grateful that things went as well as they did.

I immediately started an online fundraiser for Laura (courage) and researched the legalities of that since I have not started a non-profit organization yer. I filed the necessary paperwork with the Department of Charities on Monday morning.

My husband is a member of the Elk’s and I am not. I have actually never been to the Elk’s hall without him. Wednesday night I had planned to go to the Elks to set a date for a spaghetti dinner and basket party for Laura and my husband couldn’t come with me.

As I was sitting in the parking lot, frozen, not from the cold but from that feeling you get when you really don’t want to do what you are supposed to be doing. I just kept repeating courage. And the more I said it, the more courage I got.

courage2When I walked in, I saw plenty of people I know and it was great to see everyone. I got to hear how great my son is because he volunteers for the Elks Friday night bingo… and I got to thank some of the people that helped to save my son’s life when he was very sick. If it were not for the fundraiser the Elks did for my son, I am not sure we would have ever found the toxic mold and gotten out of the house. I am eternally grateful for that fundraiser.

I see courage in my children, in Davene for trying something new with the blog roll list on the Monday night Digital Connections call and my dog is full of courage… maybe a little too much courage sometimes. The little dachshund thinks she can fight a Rottweiler!

I see courage everywhere… and I find it much easier to call upon the courage within me this week because I am noticing courage. Awareness is the window to the world.

Have I mentioned lately how grateful I am for the Master Key MasterMind Alliance Course?

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8 thoughts on “Courage – Week 15

  1. renee shatanoff

    When you look at the “Gal in the Glass” tell her how much courage she has. Allow the mirror to reflect back the person who is truly there: Heather, who is whole, strong, healthy, confident, courageous, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.
    We are grateful for you too:-))))

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks Renee! I’m emailing you right now before I forget. I am so grateful for you too… you are such a giving, loving person and I am glad you came into my life!

  2. Lydia Johnson

    Heather, you are COURAGE! wow…what a great blog and yes, pulling in so many great examples. It really is all around us. Thanks for pointing out some of the ones easily missed. I so enjoy your words of wonder, wisdom, and caring.

  3. Cyndria Coaty

    Heather, I am so proud of you that you melted that ‘frozen’ part and pushed forward with love and courage. The more you do, the more you show. Your blog was very inspiring and I loved it!

  4. Nicole Wright

    Heather, Congratulations on all the courage you have shown and also the courage you have encouraged in Laura. You are doing all the hard work. You inspired me with “As I was sitting in the parking lot, frozen, not from the cold but from that feeling you get when you really don’t want to do what you are supposed to be doing. I just kept repeating courage. And the more I said it, the more courage I got. ” I need to increase my courage quotient and I am going to follow your example. Thank you!

  5. Mark Farrell

    Heather, many thanks for sharing… I always enjoy your posts! I like your Nelson Mandela quote… it reminds me of when he said “I can pretend that I’m brave” … i.e. he can choose not to let his fear make his decisions for him.
    Bit of a challenge? There was a video posted in the Alliances area a while back of an interview with Mark Divine (retired Navy SEAL commander and author of ‘The way of the SEAL’)… he said “The reality is that we grow through challenge, and so, if we shy away from challenge, we’re stunting our own growth…”. It doesn’t sound like you’re stunting your growth, Heather! So glad that you’re a part of this mastermind alliance. ~Mark.

  6. Dave Wearmouth

    Heather – great blog ! I like your writing style. It’s like sitting in the same room, listening to you speak – obviously with passion in your voice – on a subject about which you also are very well-informed, and of which you have quite obviously had close personal experience. You have reminded me of a couple of instances in my own life where I sat in my car in parking lots – trying to muster the courage to go and see someone, or to face something rather unpleasant. Many of us have had to find the courage to face something hurtful or unpleasant during the course of our lives, and it still continues to amaze me when I see random acts of courage coming from the most unlikely people. As we have been told repeatedly – don’t judge! No opinions! I’m learning – albeit slowly!!


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