Excited About the Possibilities – Week 10

This week has been very exciting. I have been looking into forming a non-profit to help people who have been made homeless due to toxins in their environment.

I am getting a lot of help from people who know someone who can help: consultants, real estate investors, attorneys, accountants and people who have formed non-profits. I am focusing on the outcome and allowing the right people to come to me.

homelessVery often people get so sick from environmental toxins that they cannot live in most homes. Re|Shelter is one non-profit that is already helping people who are in need of environmentally safe housing.

I have 1-2 people contacting me every day who are homeless, gravely ill, unable to work, and without much hope. They lose everything due to the toxins that have made them ill… and they have no where to go.

I am concentrating on how to help people to rise above the toxins and get their health back. I did it… and I helped my family get better too. Now I just have to scale that into something bigger.

It’s coming to fruition… I can feel it.

Master Key Week 10 Exercise

Another boring exercise. It seems there is a pattern here. I like one week and don’t like the next. I didn’t have any trouble picturing the lines, the square, the circle, the cone… and even changing the colors of the lines and shapes on the wall was simplistic to me.

Perhaps next week will excite me and draw me in more. Anyone else bored with this week’s exercise?

Master Mind Group

I talked with Nancy Mills today and she was telling me that she and a group of MKMMA class mates are meeting in Google Hangout twice a week.

I want that.

I want that starting this week.

I am looking for other people who want to meet once or twice a week online using Google Hangout. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in joining me and and what your availability is like.

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11 thoughts on “Excited About the Possibilities – Week 10

  1. Kellie

    Wow Heather that is so inspiring!! How amazing that you are able to help these people that truly need it. You are such a blessing to them and to all of us!!

  2. Mark Laytin

    Wow you mastered the exercise. Hats off to you Heather…twice. Once for Mastery of the exercise, and the second time for the dedication to your cause. You are becoming a hero to people in need who may never know your name. That, my friends is true servant leadership!

  3. Larry Ashcraft

    Glad to hear your project for homeless & ill due to mold is going so well. It’s always encouraging to hear a dream making significant progress. Can’t join you in the hangout yet, but it sounds interesting & am interested in trying it at some point. Looking forward to a more exciting week as far as exercises go also.

  4. Laura Pearson

    Heather—I envy you a bit, not having much trouble with the visualization exercises. Can you get into my brain and train it for me??? :) I love the cause you work with. I’ve known many people who deal with toxic mold at an alarming rate. I know you will keep doing great things in that arena!!!
    I would love to look at a Google hangout, after the first of the year. Right now is WAY to busy but I really like the idea!!!

    1. Heather Post author

      Awesome! After the 1st of the year is perfect. I will put you on my list to contact for a hangout. Thanks for the encouragement… and I need to tell you YOU ARE training your brain. :) You’ll get it. Practice, practice, practice.

  5. Mary Beth Johnson

    This toxin stuff really resonates with me since I know how serious it is. Hope to have a conversation with you about this soon. Daily we put things on us, in us that make us sick over time. If we could begin to break this cycle early. It starts when we are babies….have you looked at the ingredients of some of the baby products? Yikes! Yes, this is truly where the rubber meets the road. It is amazing more people are not sick (er).
    thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Heather Post author

      I am looking forward to talking to you about these things… most people don’t know that food and skin care are full of toxins. There are so many toxic products… it really pays to seek out the ones that are all natural… for ourselves and our pets! My dog got just as sick as the humans when we were living in a toxic environment. Really looking forward to working with you on this and more projects… like your website! So exciting. I am glad you are going in your own direction. You are so creative… this is going to be fun. :)


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