Growing, Growing, Gone! (Week 6)

I’m growing… and some days I feel like I’m gone.

The Press Release was the toughest assignment yet. I wrote and I re-wrote. Much like my Definite Major Purpose (DMP). It is difficult for me to get it exactly right. And I want it to be exactly what I want… so that I can get the life I want.

We only have one life to live. Since we are in complete control of what happens in our own life… shouldn’t we be sure we know what we want?

Actually, although this assignment was by far the most difficult for me… it was also the one that I felt the most growth from.

Projecting my DMP into the future and looking back on all my accomplishments made me look at this from another angle. It really stretched my imagination further than was comfortable. And when we get out of the comfort zone, that is where real growth occurs.

Week 6 of the Master Key

I dislike this week’s master key assignment as much as I liked the envisioning the future assignment last week.

If you recall from last week’s blog, I was happily sitting for an hour every morning, making movies in my mind of my ideal life. I could do that for hours… and never grow bored.

Stare at photograph and picture that in my mind. Boring!

There must be a method to Hannel’s madness… and I won’t read ahead to see what is in store for next week… but I pray it is something more interesting than this photograph sitting.

I’m not bad at it… I just don’t find it interesting at all.

So, I am back to doing 15 minute sits in the morning doing the Master Key assignment. Then, I do a 30 minute sit at lunch picturing my life as it should be. And at night, I am still doing the Centerpoint meditation CD’s.

Saying “I love you”

I am really having a hard time with this one. The Gal in the Glass is fine, but saying I love you to my self… that’s hard for me. I hope it get’s easier or I discover why it is so difficult.

I added another reading into the required readings. Napoleon Hill’s Seven Steps to Self Confidence. They seem to resonate with me… I took the “Notes” out and printed the steps and I have them in front of my keyboard.

I have been reading them 3 times a day, along with my other readings and sits… and I love reading them. For me, it seems to help. Maybe I need that boost in self-confidence more than others, or maybe they would help everybody in the class.

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18 thoughts on “Growing, Growing, Gone! (Week 6)

  1. liselott bernhed

    I agree that “sitting with a picture” was a bit disrupting to the peace:-)
    Maybe you are so good at remembering all the details of the picture that it is too easy for you and therefore feels boring.
    I have added time to my sit:s since I read your last post, and this week I needed it to feel satisfied after doing what I felt was a whole different assigment; practising concentration with the picture.

    1. Heather Post author

      Awesome! That extra time visualizing is helping me too… as long as I don’t have to visualize a photograph! Perhaps I should have picked another photograph. I tried a few different ones… I did it for the 15 minutes and moved on. Week 7 here I come! I like this week’s Master Key exercise. This excites me. :)

  2. Marie Glennon

    Heather, I hadn’t thought about the photograph exercise as boring, I challenged myself to see more detail though I must admit toward the end of the week I noticed my mind wandering more, perhaps I should have used a different photo each day. Thanks for mentioning about Nap Hill’s 7 steps, I will def check them out.

  3. Geni Witt

    Heather, I love reading your blog posts. They are real, and they show struggles faced and if not conquered at the moment a process that will be. I too struggled with my press release. Actually I fretted. It stretched me to think future, and it did make me define, “What do I want in life, and how do I want it to look?” It took me just under 14 days to sit down and type. Thank you for sharing from your heart, that is what brings me back, my MK friend.

    1. Heather Post author

      I LOVE your press release, Geni. It seems very real to me. You would never know you struggled with it… but it is good to know I am not the only one!

  4. Mark Farrell

    Hi Heather, yes, creating that Press Release was very testing, wasn’t it?! Glad you got it done, and….. stretched & grew as a result! Like Geni says above, thanks for sharing your struggles as well and keeping it real… I personally found that helpful and interesting. Awesome that you’re able to sit/meditate for an hour… wow!

  5. Heather Post author

    I have to admit… I don’t always get an hour in… sometimes, I get more… sometimes less. I am already finding things manifesting in my life… this is powerful stuff! :D

  6. Linda

    I am always encouraged by others who feel the pressure of the weekly tasks. Your blog post was like looking in the mirror for me. I remind myself daily that the more we stretch, the more we grow. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Cherry Dunn

    Hi Heather,
    Its all testing lol – I haven’t a clue what is working or not working. Some days things are so good and others so topsy turvy. I think I will stop trying so many different and varied methods – its been quite a roller coaster ride and I read that this or that worked for someone I try it and sometimes it works or partly works or it really puts the kibosh on it so back to the beginning for me and start again and see what is actually working…………..

    1. Heather Post author

      Ride the wave, Cherry! And enjoy every moment. I see great things happening through this course… you will too. It’s early yet. Keep on keeping on. At least YOU are working. As we work on ourselves, we are bound to improve our lives! :)

  8. Andrew

    I can completely relate and it’s so nice to know I’m not alone!!!

    …The other day I completely SURPRISED myself when I started tearing up, after telling myself “I love you” in the mirror. I didn’t get it! I’ve had a lot of success and I’m confident in myself, but why was I having such a hard time saying those 3 simple little words.

    I hope it gets easier too… Either way, this is also a great exercise for me. Thanks for sharing your struggles with us!

    1. Heather Post author

      Isn’t that awesome how we share these little struggles and stumbling points and we learn how we are not alone. I find just knowing that makes it all easier. I’m glad it helped you, too! Going to talk to the Gal in the Glass right now… time to say “I love you!!!”


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