Homes for Healing Week 19

rolexI hate being late.  My ex was late for everything and it used to drive me batty!

I am late with my blog for the first time in 20 weeks!

I am not proud of that…

I am owning up to my own mistake and I am going to do better this week.

I want to have my blog up by Thursday this week… just to be sure I am not late.

I started teaching myself how to use a video editing program called “After Effects” last week… and I was obsessed with getting a video done for my “Homes for Healing” fundraiser.

That’s no excuse, it’s just what happened.

I was up until 5:30 AM on Friday night into Saturday morning.  I was on a role with the video after a couple of weeks of kind of being stuck.  I had story boards, ideas and index cards… but it wasn’t until Friday that I started to get it all to come out into a video.

I worked hard on this project and I will continue to work on it until it becomes a reality!

Top 2 Revelations

compass#1 – One of the best things that has happened to me this week is my really taking responsibility for where I am in my life right now. I am where I am in my life because of everything I have done up to this point.

I have accomplished some pretty great things and I can be proud of that. I did the good and the bad! No one does anything to me… I am in charge. The subconscious or the compass is leading the way!

That’s huge!

Even bigger, but part of the same truth is: everything that has happened to me in the past… yep. I am responsible for that too. Good and bad. I made all that happen.

Sticking with this theme: I am responsible for what happens in the future! Yay!!!

#2 — I teach people how to treat me.

When other people treat me badly, it is because I am allowing that.

I have had a much better week because of that… and today, I told my 12 year old daughter that I teach people how to treat me… and she smiled. I think this is going to help our relationship. I hope it does.

It was liberating to realize that I have the ability to teach people to treat me better… and you know what? People are treating me better.

I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my life!

There are so many great people in my life, if you are reading this… you are one of them! Sending you love and happiness!

Which reminds me!

Watch the movie “Happy :)” It’s GREAT!

||||| 1 I Like It! |||||

6 thoughts on “Homes for Healing Week 19

  1. Karen S

    The mold video was eye-opening. Wow! Thanks for getting the word out about its debilitating effects. You write from the heart, sharing your concern about others. Bless you. Enjoyed the Happy Video.

  2. Peggy

    Making that important video is keeping the main thing the main thing too. :)
    Looking forward to watching the whole Happy documentary, sounds great!

  3. Larry Ashcraft

    Heather–great concept!! Teach others to like me–will be using this a lot & good luck on the video editing.

  4. Nancy

    I know the feeling, Heather, the first time I was actually late with my blogpost I got locked out of the MKMMA dashboard, etc. and it was devastating to me! NARCed me! Then, this past weekend? I was totally late to the point that it was a breakthrough on my weekly pushing of the blog deadline and, like you, I’m not proud, but I am purposing to post this week’s blog Wednesday or Thursday instead of creating that pressure and tension for myself.

  5. Geni Witt

    Heather, is there anything better than being honest with ourselves, and taking responsibility? Thank you for sharing your top two Revelations…they are right on spot with truths I learning about myself. I am looking forward to watching the movie Happy, the trailer was great, oh, and seeing the video you’ve worked so hard on. Loving the journey…

  6. Dave Wearmouth

    Hi Heather – you’re concerned about being late ?? I’m so slow these days that I couldn’t catch a cold – as they say !! I’m behind with everything ! I will, however, share a little secret with you. Years ago, I worked out a little saying for myself. No help. I did it all by my little self.
    “Each of us are the sum total of all our yesterdays”. All of it. The good. The bad. And the ugly… All of it added together went to make up what we are today. So, no use crying over what ‘might have been’… Best to just sit back and take a long, hard look at where we are today, what we want to change, where we want to go, and how we want to get there. Then just get on and, “Do it now!!” You’re doin’ just fine !!
    All the best to you and the family.


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