I’m lagging behind… Week 7

I’m lagging behind.

I feel like I am running a marathon with seasoned athletes and I am out of shape.

I have to get back in the groove and set my own pace.

The key is to continue with the readings.  3 times a day… every day.

I have to admit… I have gotten lazy with my noon time reading.

I promise that I take time every day to read after my mid-day meal.


  • Do it NOW!
  • DO it nowwww!
  • do IT Now.
  • …25 times!

What is it that is resisting. I am noticing resistance… and I am observing. I am trying not to resist the resistance… but only to observe.

It seems when I get some phenomenal successes…
I put the brakes on.

Time to pick up speed and build upon those successes.

Life is like a rolling stone. It’s tough to push up hill… but it rolls nice and smooth on the downhill. I do feel like I have been pushing that stone for a long time and I am almost at the crest of the hill. When that thing starts rolling, GET OUTTA THE WAY!

  • I continue doing the readings and improve upon my current enthusiasm and emotional levels.
  • I get my dream board finished
  • I get my audio meditation with my voice and music done
  • I redesign my website for the big launch next week
  • I celebrate my birthday with family and friends
  • I invite 5 people to a Cash Back Christmas Club meeting on Wednesday
  • I succeed in having only positive thoughts for 7 days in a row

And most of all…

I greet this day with love in my heart.


I always keep my promises,

Heather Plude


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20 thoughts on “I’m lagging behind… Week 7

  1. liselott bernhed

    Trying not to resist the resistance; it took me a while to see that in your text. Very cool Heather!
    You are already such a star and I believe your stone will start rolling downhill any day now. (Perhaps it is already rolling but in a different path than you expect it to.)
    Have a very Happy Birthday!

  2. Roger Gauthier

    Wow! I could almost copy and paste this post because I feel I am in the same situation. I thought I was the only one having these challenges. You are doing great Heather and I am 100% convinced that you are just a few inches from the top of that hill so keep pushing, you’re almost there, the victory is coming soon for you. You are great.

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks so much, Roger. I feel like I let you down this week because I missed your email… you are pretty fantastic yourself, you know. Glad you got those menus straightened out. You are becoming a pro-blogger!

  3. Linda

    Is the the change of the seasons or maybe just getting comfortable with ourselves? I’ve noticed that ‘lagging behind’ seems to be the theme this week. It’s good to see that it’s not just me. Forge on!

    1. Heather Post author

      My old blueprint would have gladly blamed it on the change of the seasons… I look in the mirror (and say I love you) and know that the Gal in the glass is calling the shots. :) No, Linda… you’re not alone. We are catching up, though, aren’t we?

  4. Larry Ashcraft

    What an inspiration. Due to emergency this week, I too am lagging behind, but I do always keep my promises, the reading is done, the dream board is done, & have the help I need to get the blog/voice & music done. What I focus on I empower & I am empowered to be the star I am created to be and so are you. Good job!!

  5. Kellie

    I believe that with our old blueprint, when success comes our way, we tend to sit back and coast. What a mistake! This is when momentum is high and we should be working the hardest to keep it up! Love the redirection of writing goals and DO IT NOW!!! Together in this group we can accomplish anything!!!

  6. Mark Laytin

    Heather, turn obstacles into steppingstones. Reward yourself, even if it’s just with a pat on the back for a job well done! On Tuesdays, I am out of the home office at a client, if I don’t get the reading done exactly at mid-day, I just look for the first opportunity to do so. You can do it!!

  7. Laura Pearson

    I’m soooo glad to see you write this blog. I struggled in Week 7 also, but I’m forging ahead! This is WAY too important to quit…and my OLD blueprint is a quitter. My NEW blueprint is a FINISHER!
    Thanks for your honesty in posting this week!!!

  8. Mark Farrell

    Heather, hope you had a great birthday celebration! Did it re-charge your batteries a bit? Maybe you need to add the affirmation “I’m a fit & seasoned endurance athlete” and repeat it slowly 25 times a day as well?!! :o) Good luck with your to-do’s. ~Mark.

  9. Chad

    I love how you are recognizing what is happening to you and you are choosing your own stimulus! You can be what you will to be :)

  10. Cherry Dunn

    Love the blog and the positive- despite the fact that you say your lagging behind, who knows what’s round that next corner – maybe that’s where the stone is going to start rolling down hill – better be in shape to keep up with it lol !! :) :) :) Happy days enjoy your weekend.


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