I’m Learning to Let Go – Week 2

golden balloons

Image Courtesy of Marcus

I look at myself from the outside and see that I am reacting to a situation.

I know that I am doing it…
and I know I can let go.
Like balloons to the sky.

Let go.

What We Resist Persists

It’s true that much gathers more and that like attracts like. It is equally true that what we think about and hate we get more of.

If you are sick of getting bills,
you will get more bills.

If you hate when people drive slow in front of you,
you will be stuck behind a Vermont driver.

If you hate when technology messes up,
you will have a challenge on the computer.

If you are sick, a change in thinking can save your life.

cullen-wellThe day I changed a research folder on my computer from “Cullen-sick” to “Cullen-well” I started to find answers that led to his full recovery.

A book called, “The Science of Being Well” helped me to heal my own twenty year chronic illness after I got out of the house that was poisoning me. No amount of positive thinking will help if you are being poisoned… and unfortunately, with today’s environment toxins are a real concern.

Whatever it is we fight against, we attract more of that into our lives.

That is why Mother Theresa would never attend an anti-war rally.
She said she would gladly go to a Peace Rally.

The war on drugs is another example. Do you think there are less drugs since they became illegal? No. It’s the opposite. The drug problem is bigger than it has ever been and it will continue to become worse until the war on drugs ends.

Flow is good.

I am a friend of the bills. FOB for short. Thinking of how the money I am giving as I pay my own bills, buy groceries or gas is putting food on people’s tables by providing jobs and helping other people out in other ways… that makes me smile and enjoy the process.

Ever since I started being an FOB… I have had plenty of money to pay all the bills.

It’s not fun to have more month at the end of the money. I remember what it was like, but I don’t dwell on it. I am thankful that I always have enough. That gratitude for my good fortune helps me get through the day.

Put out positive thoughts and positive things will come back to you. Whether those thoughts be about money or technology, thinking I can do it instead of I hate doing it… can really help.

I love working on blogs, websites, creating things that look pretty, although my friend Barbara is better at making pictures look pretty than I am. A big shout out to Barbara of Beaver Creek Portraits for helping me out with the header on Success With Hiss. I could look at that picture and get lost in the ocean. I invite you to like Beaver Creek Portraits on facebook.

I could spend hours trying to do things myself that I am not particularly good at or can’t do efficiently… or I can reach out for help. I am grateful for a programmer who I trust. I am blessed to know a photographer & photo editor who is really good at what she does. I use support at places like GVO, AWS, and Godaddy and most of the time they are very quick and helpful.

The next thing I need is a video editor. (calling all video editors)

Letting go of the things I hate doing (like editing videos, editing photos, and programming) leaves me more time to do the things I love doing. Like building blogs, going shopping, playing golf and spending time with my family.

Are you learning to let go of anything?

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