Mobile Saunas, Tiny Houses and Relocation – Week 9

Ever get an idea and it just floats you away and makes your whole being vibrate with excitement? That just happened to me.

This is no accident.

I was researching crowdfunding on while listening to Jean-Sebastien Bach when I came across this project that was funded in Saratoga, NY which is about 185 miles from me… which in boondock terms is fairly close.

I live in a remote area of upstate NY… and I consider anything under 200 miles within “easy” driving distance.

saunaThe project that was funded on kickstarter was a mobile sauna by a company called DS Institute. Pretty neat. I never thought of this concept before.

A sauna has been in my definite major purpose for helping people to detox from toxic molds and other bio-toxins. But a mobile sauna… that’s something that never occurred to me. Until now!

They say their mobile sauna concept came from tiny houses. Houses that are built on trailers for mobility. Something I am very familiar with!

When my family got sick from toxic mold, I researched tiny houses because they can be built with green materials and make safe housing for people who have been made sick by environmental toxins.

One of the major challenges that I continue to focus on a solution for is the massive number of people I know who are living in toxic homes. I know people who are in tremendous danger of losing their lives… they are sick, suffering and in excruciating pain… toxins in their homes are making them chronically ill.

How can I help these people?

It is not a local problem… I know people in every state who are sick. It is not a United States problem either… I know people in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K who are sick from mold.

The thing I hear every day is: “I can’t afford to move”

castle-rosesDuring this week’s master key assignment of the seed growing into a flower… I pictured a rose bush. All week long, this was the exercise I did during my sit. My rose bush encapsulated Sleeping Beauty in her castle and protected her from all harm until her Prince rescued her.

That rose bush grew like a weed!

And then, something else happened.

My dream of a place where people who have been injured by environmental toxins can go to heal began to grow like that rose bush. Right now it is growing in my mind and encapsulating me like a warm hug.

My mind’s eye is opening to the possibilities out there… like crowdfunding and networking with other people who want to help people to heal from environmental illness.

Today, I got a phone call from a fellow MKMMA student who has been working in the relocation industry for many years. The minute she told me that was her long time profession… I thought, Relocationthat is what people with environmental illness need!

plantingShe has an awesome idea that she told me about… that could put mold and environmental illness in a very public light! I am picturing the growth from this seed exploding in a fantastic shower of goodness right now. It is developing into it’s own beautiful rose bush…

One thing is for sure. I am planting seeds. They are in the ground and I am nurturing them.

Many people plant the seed and then dig it up to see if it has sprouted roots. Not me. I am feeding the roots nitrogen rich organic superfoods!

Watch out world… we’re blooming out of the box!

I greet this day with love in my heart.

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16 thoughts on “Mobile Saunas, Tiny Houses and Relocation – Week 9

  1. Don Ketterhagen

    What a great write. I awoke to this notice at the top of my iPad and went to it first thing after my morning reading. Amazing how the Universal puts what you need in your world because you are experiencing the Law of Attraction. Keep sharing how this seedling grows. Sounds exciting for you.

  2. Kellie

    Now THAT is some EXCITING news!!! Law of Attraction – you are attracting all of this! You are growing your garden, planting your seeds one by one and soon they will grow into a massive garden that can protect anything and everything! How cool!!! So very happy for you Heather and I cannot wait to see where this takes you!!

  3. Mark Laytin

    Heather, with all you had to do this week with the Thanksgiving holiday you found the time for a fabulous blog. I love it, plus I got educated on a topic I didn’t know much about. Thanks!

  4. Larry Ashcraft

    What a great blog Heather!! I can see this blooming rose bush dream coming to life. We drive by a wild yellow climbing rose bush on our way to town & that picture of the castle & rose bush made me think of the one growing on a fence wild—as wild as our dreams can be!! Great job.

  5. Karen Krill

    Heather, what an amazing concept and incredible project. I relate to toxic places and what it does to our health. I’m excited to hear more.
    I need help. My group has fallen apart – 2 have no 9 post and 1 can’t be delivered. Can you put me someplace else. I only get a comment from my friend Roger Congdon. Also would you read my post? As you will see, I had some problems which my tech will b e working on. #9 is before 8 and there are 2 8′s I don’t know how to get rid of one. Styill working on my tech skill which is my only problem.

    1. Heather Post author

      You are in GREAT shape since the techie stuff is your only problem! Mark doesn’t want me to rotate the groups until next week. Both of the people without week 9 posts are no longer with us and you have gotten 2 new members who are up to speed… and hopefully stay that way! Keep doing what you are doing. I enjoyed reading your week 9 blog and left you a comment… let’s get together and mastermind!

  6. Mary Beth Johnson

    Wow, Heather, you really are on to something! Amazing how you attracted all that goodness and to think your inspiration is only about 30 miles from me! We must meet there sometime and experience your manifestations! Thanks for sharing the excitement and vision!

  7. John D. Laudenslager

    Heather, I could feel the excitement in your writing and from the replys, it is contagious. You grow girl!


  8. Elaine Kay

    Heather, You are such an inspiration! I hope to do good things when I recover from being sick. I had no idea the suffering people are dealing with from Mold/Lyme illness. I’m homeless now, and sad that there is no place for people like us to go and heal. It just adds to the sickness with the stress one gets when they have to walk away with just the clothes on their and constantly dodge the mold. Would love to find some where to heal and be a normal person again. I dream of sitting on a chair, nice and cozy and watching a show or movie like I used to! Simple things we take for granted and taken away, who would have ever thought. Not me.

    1. Heather Post author

      Elaine, you are where I was just a few short years ago. Never give up. You can get better! Losing stuff is difficult when it happens… but when you gain your health back the stuff just isn’t important anymore. Safe housing is the biggest issue that environmentally ill people face. I spent 10 1/2 months between motel rooms and tents… homeless with 2 adults, 2 children and a dog. I am looking for solutions for this growing problem. I would love to hear where you are located so I can see if I know of any resources in your area.


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