Only Kindness Matters – Week 16

A week of kindness… why only a week?

Life is all about kindness.

I love you.

What? But you don’t even know me…

As the song says:

In the end… only kindness matters.

Why is it in the end that only kindness matters.

Shouldn’t it be every moment of every day that kindness matters?

I have so many blessings in my life, I lose count.

Many people never realize how blessed they are. Some of us are lucky enough to feel blessed and be grateful… for everything.

I love Tommy Edison and his positive attitude. Tommy was born blind and he looks at the bright side, counts his blessings, not his short comings… because our challenges are our blessings.

I have a friend who has a wooden leg. He was born without his lower leg and I admire him. He is a wonderful person inside and out and has never used the “handicap” card. He works. He gives of himself and he cares about people… and therefore, he shines a light on the world, where ever he goes.

I have a friend who is very sick right now. She is so sick she can barely take care of herself… and she has an eleven year old son to take care of. She may not know it when she is going through such pain and suffering… but she is blessed.

Every obstacle that we face is a blessing. Every challenge is a lesson. When someone faces a challenge and I see a way to help, I feel obligated and privileged to do whatever I can to show kindness… because that is all that matters.

This is a wonderful example of kindness:

We can all do something to be kind to someone. It has been a wonderful week of sharing kindnesses that we observe, kindnesses that we ourselves show toward others. How blessed to be among 200+ other people all focusing on kindness.

Kindness is the blessing of a lifetime. This week, I have felt very spiritual, very close to God, very close to loved ones who have passed and very close to my family and friends that are still with us. I feel a special bond with the world and for that I am grateful…

Thank you my friends in MKMMA and thank you Davene and Mark.

Only Kindness Matters!

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18 thoughts on “Only Kindness Matters – Week 16

  1. Lydia

    Heather, thanks for showing readers such meaningful examples of positiveness. the more we share, the more we can help others to break away from old thinking.

  2. renee shatanoff

    Excellent point Heather! Why only a week? I genuinely believe everyone in MKMMA has kindness running through their veins. Maybe “kindness” is like buried treasure waiting to be discovered. Maybe it’s always there and we need only to be aware of its power. I am sooooooo grateful for you and MKMMA:-)))))

  3. Karen S

    Heather, You had many good points in your blog, but I especially liked, “Every obstacle that we face is a blessing. Every challenge is a lesson. When someone faces a challenge and I see a way to help, I feel obligated and privileged to do whatever I can … ” Bless your heart! Great videos too … the homeless man makeover was a wow! and loved Dolly Parton’s singing of “How Great Thou Art,” one of my favorites.

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks Karen! I couldn’t feel more challenged or more blessed right now… so I must be doing something right! Glad you liked the videos! :)

  4. Valeska Harraud

    Heather, you simply SHINE, and it is a delight to get to know you better through your posts. Your heart to make a difference, and to integrate kindness into everything you do and are and say is what I saw when I first ‘met’ you in this community. So glad you got to put that part of you in the spotlight this week.

    1. Heather Post author

      Your name came up in conversation today as one of those people who is always helping and you have such great connections. I feel blessed for the connection with you too!

  5. Sue B

    Heather, such a touching post, with wonderful videos! Thank you so much It has indeed been a huge blessing to watch for kindness all week, and see that we’re surrounded by it!

  6. Dave Wearmouth

    I live with the kindest person I know. In my blog, I wrote that I believe kindness to be the attitude behind the action. My partner is constantly giving of herself – with a kindly attitude, or ‘kindly’ if you will – to those in need of someone’s time, or care, or attention, or patience, or love… I, too, am blessed…. This lady has been ‘giving’ to me – unstintingly – for some twenty years now. Without complaint, through good times and bad, she has always been there for me. I am truly blessed….

  7. Geni Witt

    Heather, I was moved by reading your post for week 16, thank you. The videos included were just right! And Dolly singing; echoes in my own heart, “Then SINGS my soul, My Savior God to Thee, How great Thou art!” Forever grateful to Mark and Davene for this exercise in KINDNESS as an individual and as a group in our MKMMA.


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