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Important note: This was written as part of a class called the Master Key Alliance where we blogged weekly and meditated, read and envisioned daily. We were told to write a press release about a date in the future. This was written November 7, 2013. Five years seems so long ago. It is great for me to read because it is me, dreaming big. If you read it, know that it is fiction. But, shhhhh. Don’t tell my subconscious!

We should all dream big.

It is November 16th, 2018 and the One-Eighty Suite is ready for the meet and greet. The elite, high ticket contributors are having cocktails and h’ordeurves in just a few hours. We are on track to raise two million dollars between tonight and tomorrow night.

A partial guest list includes Sir Richard Branson, Shemane and Ted Nugent, Sharon and Ozzy Ozborne, Billy Joel, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett.

dining-room-red-rock Marie Forleo joins me on the couch and she turns the video camera on.

With all the in studio guest appearances I have done in the last few days: Ellen Degeneres, Hoda and Kathie, Jay Leno, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, and Oprah Winfrey, it’s good to sit down in our comfy suite and talk to Marie.

Heather: I have to tell you, I am so grateful to have gotten to know you.  You have been an inspiration for me.

Marie: How so?

Heather: I guess I never told you this before, but in 2012,  the interview you did with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island inspired me to look you up on the internet… and then I found Virgin Unite… and that connection helped me to develop Environmentally Well into the organization it is today.

Marie: What is Environmentally Well…

Heather: I am happy to tell you that Environmentally Well has helped 100,000 families to get out of toxic homes and into safe homes.  It’s a great feeling to know that we are making a real difference in people’s quality of life.

Marie: What are tonight’s festivities about?

Heather:  We are celebrating the families we have helped and looking forward to helping more families.  There were only 100 tickets available for the Elite Meet and Greet… and they were sold to the highest bidders.

Roof DeckThis is the biggest event we’ve had yet. We are on track to raise two million dollars for charity this weekend… and we are having a good time too!

We are celebrating the fact that we can do, be and have anything we want in life… and we are helping people get what they want.  You see, it’s not about me, it’s about us.

Many of the guests tonight, including myself were struggling to pay the bills 5 years ago and today we are financially free.  In the past 5 years I have given away over a million dollars and I intend to double that over the next 5 years.

Marie: What was the thing that changed in your life?

Heather: In 2013, I took a course called the Master Key Mastermind Alliance where we did daily readings and exercises that literally altered my consciousness and trained my subconscious.  I got serious about doing the requirements of the class and my life began to become what I really wanted instead of what I had settled for.

Marie: Sounds like a class I would like!  What has happened since 2013?

My husband and I are traveling the world, helping people who have been affected by toxic mold and other environmental toxins.  We have 137 temporary homes available and we are always looking for new places to house people.

It used to be that people would get sick in their homes and have nowhere safe to go.  We are making it possible to get out of toxic homes and start the healing process with gentle, natural detoxing.

People who were sick have a safe place to go, regardless of their income level. We help them find permanent housing that is suitable for their level of sensitivity.

Marie: How did you accomplish all this?

Heather: It wasn’t just me. It was we.

We formed a solid mastermind of dreamers and world changers and we have been meeting once a week for 5 years.  Once a year, we get together for a huge fundraiser, mastermind and training… and we always do something fun and sometimes a little outrageous.

Marie: Where did you go last year?

Heather: Necker Island.  That’s where I met you.  Have I told you how grateful I am to know you?  Getting to know you, Sir Richard Branson and the other people who attended that week long mastermind… was priceless.

Marie: What’s going on tomorrow, here in Las Vegas?

Heather: Tomorrow morning a group of us are going skydiving.

There will be a meeting of the minds in the afternoon… and on to the black tie event tomorrow night.  This is truly, the biggest fundraising event of the year and we are on track to raise 2 million dollars this weekend alone!

Marie: Ultimately, helping people is the most important thing to you?

Heather: Of Course.  We all have different businesses, and goals.  The ultimate goal of our mastermind is to help each other reach our own personal goals so that we can give back to our chosen charities.

Marie: It’s been great sharing this time with you, Heather. One last question. Sunday is your birthday, how are you going to celebrate?

Heather: We are going to San Diego to break ground on a new detox center. It will be much like the one we already have in Myrtle Beach. We are staying with friends and I know we are going to play some golf. My favorite course is Carlton Oaks… so we are going to play there on my birthday.

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18 thoughts on “Press Release

  1. Kathy Ketterhagen

    Heather, so nice. I can see you accomplishing this goal of providing safe homes to those suffering. My best friend bought a home in Charleston that needed much mold abatement before she could move in. At the time, I felt she should buy something else but she loved the place and all the work got done. Tons of drywall removal, etc. I am sure you are familiar with it. KK :)

    1. Heather Plude

      Your friend did exactly what needed to be done, Kathy. Some people don’t take mold seriously. I am glad she did! She will enjoy good health because of the precautions she took! I am blessed that my husband did such a thorough job fixing our home!

  2. Laura Pearson

    Your Press Release was very interesting for me. I felt like I was in the audience WATCHING and LISTENING to your interview!!!

  3. Mark Farrell

    Heather, love your vision for your future! I can see that, masterminding and good causes are going to play a big part in your life later on, as will the good times that you’ll have while doing that. Really enjoyed the Necker Island and Skydiving clips. Hope it all manifests nicely for you. ~Mark.

  4. Larry Ashcraft

    Heather—I can so see you and your team accomplishing this vision!! Really came alive for me & so enjoyed reading about what will manifest for you & your team.

  5. Chad the rad dad

    This a beautiful example of releasing your golden Buddha to help the world! I can so many lives being changed for the better and you loving every minute of your life :)

  6. Valeska Harraud

    Heather, I love your vision and that I am reading in in Week Two of the Franklin Make-Over where ALL of us are focused on KINDNESS does not seem to me to be a coincidence! This vision arises from a heart of loving kindness and brings a HUGE smile to my heart [and my face!]. You ROCK!
    My only issue: I cannot find a place on your site where I can LIKE your page! Probably my selective sight/selective blindness.
    God bless YOU!!!!

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha! I will have to fix that (add a plug in) so my page can be “liked” Thanks so much for he suggestion. I have a HUGE smile now too! :)

  7. Joseph Ebel

    Heather, I loved reading your press release. I’m in the process of writing mine. What interested me most is your detox centers and helping people get out of homes that have issues with environmental toxins. I am a Toxicologist @ Cornell University and The Director of laboratory Operations-Analytical Toxicology @ the Animal Health and Diagnostic Center, NYS College of Veterinary medicine . I am now on my 41st year there. Let me know how things are going for you. I’d love to meet up with you someday. I also have a great MLM business and taking the MKMMA course to learn more skills to propel my business. I want to buy back my time from a demanding job and help others achieve their dreams.
    Joseph Ebel recently posted…MKMMA Week 5 – In Harmony with NatureMy Profile


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