Setting Up Your Blog for the Master Key Course

There are a couple of options for setting your blog up for the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance. If you don’t know what the course is about yet… watch the videos. The class starts Sunday, September 29.

The scholarship application says, “go to and set up a blog.” This is free.

Free is great if you are doing the Master Key Course and you do not have an online website or business. If this is the case, go sign up for the free blog at

Free is not always better.

If you already have a business, a non-profit or some kind of online presence that you are using to build a list of prospects, suspects, or interested persons… you do not want to use the free blog option.

If you are planning on growing your business by doing the Master Key Course… your business will grow in direct proportion to how much YOU grow.

Make a Sub-Blog

Whether you got your blog through the Turn-Key Blogging Solution, you had someone else set your blog up for you or you set it up yourself, your business should look professional. .

If you look at and

This is a screenshot of the blog and sub-blog:


They look very similar… but they are 2 separate blogs.

Installing a sub-blog in C-panel is easy… making the two blogs look exactly alike takes some time but it is not extremely difficult.

You will be blogging every week with the master key course.

Doing that will give you some clout with google. As you rise in the rankings, you want that traffic to benefit your business. Linking the two blogs together, seamlessly, will give you the most success long term. That fully integrated look will make it so your visitor don’t even notice these are two separate blogs!

The Master Key Course that The World’s Laziest Networker (Mark) and The Fab Davene are putting on is a game changer… if you put in the work.

Blogging every week will be a huge boost for your personal growth, your Google ranking and your list will be growing as fast as you grow.

If you did get the Turn-key Blogging Solution and you are doing the MKMMA course, your sub-blog is only a $100 add on.
Contact me to set that sub-blog up!

I am excited for this class. If you have already qualified for a scholarship, congratulations… I’ll see you on the inside!

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2 thoughts on “Setting Up Your Blog for the Master Key Course

  1. Brent vachon

    Hi All,

    If you are considering doing a blog and are like me, and are of limited knowledge, Heather is absolutley fantastic, there for you when you need her, very, very knowledgeable, I me from my stand point I couldn’t possible ask for more from her. Your here for a reason checking this out, if your considering her blogging option … DO IT, you won’t regret it, she makes it so easy….


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