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I’m lagging behind… Week 7

I’m lagging behind.

I feel like I am running a marathon with seasoned athletes and I am out of shape.

I have to get back in the groove and set my own pace.

The key is to continue with the readings.  3 times a day… every day.

I have to admit… I have gotten lazy with my noon time reading.

I promise that I take time every day to read after my mid-day meal.


  • Do it NOW!
  • DO it nowwww!
  • do IT Now.
  • …25 times!

What is it that is resisting. I am noticing resistance… and I am observing. I am trying not to resist the resistance… but only to observe.

It seems when I get some phenomenal successes…
I put the brakes on.

Time to pick up speed and build upon those successes.

Life is like a rolling stone. It’s tough to push up hill… but it rolls nice and smooth on the downhill. I do feel like I have been pushing that stone for a long time and I am almost at the crest of the hill. When that thing starts rolling, GET OUTTA THE WAY!

  • I continue doing the readings and improve upon my current enthusiasm and emotional levels.
  • I get my dream board finished
  • I get my audio meditation with my voice and music done
  • I redesign my website for the big launch next week
  • I celebrate my birthday with family and friends
  • I invite 5 people to a Cash Back Christmas Club meeting on Wednesday
  • I succeed in having only positive thoughts for 7 days in a row

And most of all…

I greet this day with love in my heart.


I always keep my promises,

Heather Plude


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