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I Am – Week 23

I AmWhen you think, I am…

What comes to mind?

I am strong!

I am powerful!

I am happy!

I am free!

I am loving!

I am giving!

I am receiving!

You get the point. :)

I could go on and on.
I am what I think I am.

The two most powerful words in the world.

I remember when my high school English teacher made us memorize all the tenses of the verbs, in order and we had to stay after school if we could not get them right in class. I know he was trying to help us, but we had a love hate relationship.

Looking back: I thought I hated him then… really, I loved that he was hard on me.

So why am I talking about verb tense?

According to Haanel, we are all one. am, are, is, was, were, will be, have been, has been, had been, will have been, would be, had been, were, and BE.

I am enoughI always have told my kids, myself and anyone else who will listen that “I AM” are the two most powerful words in the world…

What are you going to BE when you grow up?

First of all. Who says we have to grow up? We grow to a certain height and I guess that is grown up… or is it an age? Maybe a mindset. “I’m all grown up.”

I have always been a hard worker, driven and focused.

I Am a hard worker, driven and focused.

Even when I was very sick, I was driven to be well again. I still have that drive. And I want to help other people to get well. I do help other people… but some people I can’t help. And I am learning to accept that.

I have often thought of what I want to be… and I already am.

I care for people, even if I just met them. Heck, I care for a lot of people I have never met before. I am a good-hearted person with good intentions. I give, and I am learning to receive.

I dislike bullies.

I like friendly people who are like me. People who are driven, focused, and hard workers… people who are focused on wellness, have a positive mental attitude, and genuinely care about people.

All this stuff (and more) came to surface during my sit… in silence for NEARLY TWO WHOLE DAYS!

So much entered my mind as I was just being…

inside a cave at hanapepeI intend to do it again very soon. This time, I picture myself in a cave in Kauai… for 3 days. Maybe more.

Be still and know that you ARE.


I am FREE.

I Really AM.

My thoughts form my reality. 
I choose the good ones!

The silence was AWESOME. Still, I know it could be so much more without the distractions of being silent in a house with 2 teenage kids, a dog, a husband and electronics everywhere.

I stayed in my room, away from everyone for most of the time, but everyone came in taking turns talking to me when I was trying to be silent… so it was difficult.

When it was over, my husband said it felt like I was mad at him. He knows I wasn’t… but that’s how it felt.

So, next time… the silence will be alone time!

I would love to hear your stories on the silence. If you wrote about it in a blog… include your link in your comment so I can go read how your silence went!

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I Am – Week 18

We were asked to watch one of two movies.  I chose “I Am” mostly because I had a link to watch it for free.

Tom Shadyac did a superb summary of what is wrong with this world, what is right with this world and what we can do about it.  Sharing, cooperation, collaboration… that is what we need more of in this world.

One of the delights of this movie for me was that David Suzuki was in the documentary… not because I am a huge fan, but because I didn’t know who he was until this morning… and I don’t believe in coincidences.

be a friendI was helping a fellow classmate with his blog (which came out fabulous – check out Mark’s Blog here) and he introduced me to David Suzuki as an environmentalist. He also showed me a friend’s blog… someone who has been building environmentally friendly housing for over 20 years.

Connections… Coincidences… or not?

I hope everyone has had the experience of thinking of an old friend or family member and then running into them for the first time in years… or they call out of the blue.

These are not coincidences… but connections.

The Law of Attraction in motion.

On Thursday, I had the great privilege to participate in a phone conference meant to bring people together who are all working on providing housing to those who have been environmentally injured. There were seven of us invited who are in various stages in our individual projects.

make your goals so bigWhat a gift to be able to share and collaborate. I am I overjoyed with gratitude for the opportunity to meet these people who are walking a similar path and aligned with a similar definite major purpose as my own. I felt such connection with approximately 70 people I have never met before…

As the conference was ending, I was counting my blessings and feeling so thankful…

And the phone rang.

It was a classmate from the MKMMA course, Kristina Jackson who I was looking forward to connecting with.

What a gift connecting with her was! Thank you Carolynn for suggesting we meet! Thank you Kristina for calling… our conversation was a huge help to me. You have done what I am just beginning to do… that is awesome!

I truly am blessed with connections, with people who care, and with life events that may not always seem like blessings… but they always end up being blessings.

Everything happens for a reason!

This week was particularly tough for me because my father was in the hospital since Wednesday because he was having chest pains. They did many tests and determined it is not his heart… but they don’t know what it is that is causing the sharp pains he is having.

My husband had similar sharp pains that sent him to the hospital twice in 2011. The doctors could never figure out what it was… but they determined it was not his heart.

In our case, it was mold in our house.

Since then, I have talked to a toxicologist who says 100% of heart disease is fungal related. I have read several papers that say mold and mycotoxins can cause chest pains.

My father was not open to looking into this earlier this week. I was having a hard time dealing with that… until I let go. I gave myself permission to love my father no matter what he decided to do about his health…

And then, something magical happened.

My father said he would see a doctor that I choose. A doctor that will look into the mold and mycotoxin aspect of health. A doctor that specializes in “Functional Medicine.”

Monday cannot come soon enough so I can get him an appointment. It is time a good health advocate focuses on getting Grampa well so he can spend more quality years with his grandchildren!

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