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Envisioning The Future – Week 5

I am really enjoying this week.  So much so, that I started sitting in my favorite spot for an entire hour instead of 15 or 20 minutes.


joy-dream-hopeNo. I think not.

I even started meditating at night, right before bed… for yet another hour. During this hour, I am using my CenterPointe meditation CD and it has really helped me get peaceful sleep.

And guess what?

Those nightmares… gone!  Vanished.
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Technological Challenges – Week 1

Week one has begun and I am doing my daily readings, three times a day, reading aloud and with emotion… sometimes in front of the mirror. I am sitting for 15 minutes a day and I am so enjoying this!

Everyone has technological challenges. Even the tech savvy like me. Continue reading

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Setting Up Your Blog for the Master Key Course

There are a couple of options for setting your blog up for the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance. If you don’t know what the course is about yet… watch the videos. The class starts Sunday, September 29.

The scholarship application says, “go to http://en.wordpress.com/signup and set up a blog.” This is free.

Free is great if you are doing the Master Key Course and you do not have an online website or business. If this is the case, go sign up for the free blog at WordPress.com.

Free is not always better.

If you already have a business, a non-profit or some kind of online presence that you are using to build a list of prospects, suspects, or interested persons… you do not want to use the free blog option. Continue reading

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