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Week 2 – Here Comes the Resistance!

elastic bandsJust like a rubber band, I stretch and I bounce back. When I feel the resistance, I must persist.

And just like bread dough… once stretched, I will never go back to my original shape.

I find myself resisting the same things I resisted the last time around. Persistence is the only thing that can counter-balance the resistance.

Today, I begin a new life!

I am not totally enthralled when I read my definite major purpose, so today I will edit relentlessly and resubmit my DMP by midnight Kauaui time on Thursday as the requirements state.

I am passionate about golf and I hardly wrote about it. For years, I have wanted to golf at every golf course the PGA tour golfs at… that is going in my DMP. My travel plans have just gotten much more fun!

I do these things not because it is a requirement for the class but because I know that my efforts will bring results far greater than even I can imagine. The past year was the best of my life and the next year has even better things in store for me. I see that!

I enjoy helping people out with the technical aspects of the class… but I have trouble balancing building blogs for members and helping members in need.

I hired someone to help me build blogs… but they are not working out. Perhaps I didn’t envision the position filled by the right person. I am working on this.

bread doughI have written a clear description of the person who will help me out in my office and I have added it to my daily readings. I picture him sitting at the desk next to me, getting the work done easily and effortlessly. He is such a fast learner and he comes up with ideas that make my life easier.

I must learn to receive. This is something I know I have to open myself up to. I often picture myself with open hands, receiving gifts of abundance from the universe.

My world is getting more pliable… like the bread dough. I feel like I can do anything I can imagine… and I believe that is true. Total faith in the process. Keep reading, keep sitting, keep believing.

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