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This is an Obsession! Week 17

I truly have never felt this way about anything. I am obsessed. I have trouble sleeping because I have to reach my goal. It’s a good feeling… but it’s also pretty scary.

I watch myself pushing for my goal and I think… who is this woman? 17 weeks ago, I had never experienced this level of commitment. This level of persistence was not something I knew I possessed!

I am sure of what I was put on this Earth to do and I am completely and totally obsessed with it. I go to bed late and I get up early… I eat quick meals on the run. I plan and envision myself reaching my goal. Nothing is as important as that goal.

I have even let my MKMMA responsibilities fall by the wayside. I have not commented and shared on enough blogs this week. I have not taken care of my blog roll on my own site and switched to my new team… nor have I added my mastermind partners to my blog roll. I have deadlines on blogs that I have been pushing off and I have work on my own site that needs to get done.

Tomorrow, before I start my web site work… I will comment and share everyone’s blogs on my team. I will dedicate an hour on Saturday morning and another hour on Sunday morning to commenting and sharing blogs. That should give me enough time to visit my team, my MMA group and hopefully a few others that I have been wanting to read!

Life is good… and living life to it’s fullest is something every person should be able to enjoy. Every day, I see my friend feeling better. That is my obsession!

As I was driving Laura to the doctor who is going to help her heal, she asked me, why are you smiling? And I replied because I am happy. Even though she was very sick and not comfortable because of the pain she was experiencing, I was picturing Laura the way she was years ago… funny and full of life.

A new house… a house to heal… a sauna… these things and more are rightfully ours. Because every person should have a clean, safe roof over their head. That’s my obsession. One starfish at a time.

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