Technological Challenges – Week 1

Week one has begun and I am doing my daily readings, three times a day, reading aloud and with emotion… sometimes in front of the mirror. I am sitting for 15 minutes a day and I am so enjoying this!

Everyone has technological challenges. Even the tech savvy like me.

Truth be told. This weeks challenges have been bigger than usual. My daily reading is truly helping me to get through this with relative ease.

I am truly blessed. I love helping people set up their blogs and I have been looking forward to this class for a long time.

Our first Master Key call about blogging was Monday night. There was an overwhelming response and the orders for Turn-key Blogs started pouring in.

Unfortunately, the form I had done for me was not done right!

When we tested it, it seemed ok, but when orders started coming in the were coming in without Full Name, Phone Number, Zip Code or what was being ordered.

Kind of important stuff.

Crazy week

Courtesy of imagerymajestic @

There were 2 orders that got completely lost too. That was fun.

All I had was the PayPal payment to go by.

I would get a payment and try to figure out who sent it, match the name and email from the paypal payment to the email from the order… which is not always easy to do. Some people use different emails for paypal then their contact email. I know I do!

Tuesday, instead of building blogs, I was trying to find people through facebook, twitter and email… and wasting a lot of time.

Every day, three times a day… I have been reading my master keys, my definite major purpose, The Scroll Marked I, and my declaration. And once a day I am sitting quietly in meditation for 15 minutes.

This quiet time has truly saved me this week. Every time I do my readings, I feel refreshed and ready to face the challenges ahead.

I posted on odesk for a programmer Tuesday morning and I had 40 applications by noon. It took some time to sort through them and find someone who really knew what they were doing.

I found Chris Locke from and he had the job done in 24 hours. He was reasonably priced and if you ever need a form for your website, I recommend getting in touch with Chris!

Wednesday morning, I woke up, did my readings and meditated…

I turned on my computer and the screen stayed black. The computer made all the noises like it was turning on but I could not see the screen.

I was in a bit of a panic.

using tv with laptopI gathered myself together, found a cord and plugged the computer into the TV. I could do my work using the TV as a monitor. It was bit of a neck and eye strain… but it worked!

It took me 5 times as long to do a blog install that day.

You know how if you stub your toe in the morning, sometimes the whole day seems like everything is going wrong. That was the way this week has been going. One technological challenge after another.

I did talk to Davene about the backlog of blogs that I have to set up for you. We are going to be a bit relaxed about the requirements of the Master Key Mastermind Alliance for the first couple of weeks… because we have to give you time (and me time) to get your blogs up and running.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have to write a post. Get your posts written… but if you don’t have a blog to post them on, don’t panic. We understand.

Technological challenges are frustrating sometimes. Sometimes a 2 hour job turns into an 6 hour job… the average person might get frustrated and quit.

Not me!

Monitor to LaptopI will keep working on these blogs and face every challenge as it comes. I have my laptop hooked up to a monitor that a friend loaned me.
Marea of showed me how to make the screen fit on the monitor so it is much more comfortable! (function + f4)

I will form good habits and become their slave. (Sound familiar)

I am working on your blogs and getting them back to you as quickly as I can. I apologize if you are still waiting.

Thanks for being patient!

Leave a comment below about your technological challenges this week!

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