Week 2 – Here Comes the Resistance!

elastic bandsJust like a rubber band, I stretch and I bounce back. When I feel the resistance, I must persist.

And just like bread dough… once stretched, I will never go back to my original shape.

I find myself resisting the same things I resisted the last time around. Persistence is the only thing that can counter-balance the resistance.

Today, I begin a new life!

I am not totally enthralled when I read my definite major purpose, so today I will edit relentlessly and resubmit my DMP by midnight Kauaui time on Thursday as the requirements state.

I am passionate about golf and I hardly wrote about it. For years, I have wanted to golf at every golf course the PGA tour golfs at… that is going in my DMP. My travel plans have just gotten much more fun!

I do these things not because it is a requirement for the class but because I know that my efforts will bring results far greater than even I can imagine. The past year was the best of my life and the next year has even better things in store for me. I see that!

I enjoy helping people out with the technical aspects of the class… but I have trouble balancing building blogs for members and helping members in need.

I hired someone to help me build blogs… but they are not working out. Perhaps I didn’t envision the position filled by the right person. I am working on this.

bread doughI have written a clear description of the person who will help me out in my office and I have added it to my daily readings. I picture him sitting at the desk next to me, getting the work done easily and effortlessly. He is such a fast learner and he comes up with ideas that make my life easier.

I must learn to receive. This is something I know I have to open myself up to. I often picture myself with open hands, receiving gifts of abundance from the universe.

My world is getting more pliable… like the bread dough. I feel like I can do anything I can imagine… and I believe that is true. Total faith in the process. Keep reading, keep sitting, keep believing.

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20 thoughts on “Week 2 – Here Comes the Resistance!

  1. Cassandra O'Nwal

    Heather!!! You are simply wonderful!
    Grab that Old Blue Print and head over to the SHREDDER!!
    Resistance Redefined!
    God bless you!!

  2. Greg Strachan

    Heather. I just love that line “Today I begin a new Life” – doesn’t our subbie just try and tear us down continuously as we become conscious of our old blueprint. Keep going, stretching, and reassessing. Get that DMP right – its funny when we actually have to write it down, exactly what we want – we start to questions the things we thought we wanted the most. I love this process and its a pleasure to share in your journey!!!

    1. Heather Post author

      That’s funny… I went apple picking today and said to my husband, I picked the apples, you make the pie… so he did. I am eating a piece of warm apple pie as I read your comment. I wish I could share with you! Spys are for pies! Best apple for pies, ever!!

  3. Ilona

    Love the honesty and beauty in your post – including the pictures! I can only imagine how busy you must be with everything. Thanks so much for all you do…..and I hope the right assistant will show up soon.

  4. Elaine Archambeau

    I love how open you are, and your writing.
    Does that assistant has to be a man? Just wondering.
    It is a good way to carve some time out to help you as you have helped others. I can attest to that. Mahalo Heather, as you have done much for me, directed me towards Kauai, to MK, to contacts, to techno help. So can you imagine putting that energy into you? You help others so well, to receive that and give that to yourself would be marvelous.

    1. Heather Post author

      You are a gift to me, Elaine! I have enjoyed getting to know you and you have helped me as much. I can’t wait to see you in Kauai next April! Healthy and thriving… both you and your dog!

  5. John Laudenslager

    Golf is undoubtedly the best game in the world. I wish I could still play but alas. I hope you are able to play every course you desire.


  6. Greg Nyberg

    Great job; The only control we get, is control over ourselves. Isn’t that really all we need?
    Great job Heather…Have a HuG!

  7. Patti Mulry

    Your post speaks to every person that reads it. I swear resistance must be my middle name. Look how far you’ve come. I’m so inspired by you. And hey…. let’s get you to a few golf courses .:).

    1. Heather Post author

      I am letting go of the resistance… and you are too. Let’s embrace Do It Now together! I gotta go golfing while I’m in Florida, right? Do it Now 25x!! :)

  8. Grace McCarthy

    Hey Heather, since listening to the recording of the first digital connections webinar, it’s all starting to make sense. It’s reassuring to know that even on your second time around on the mkmma, you are still learning. We are all work in progress and everything can be tweaked here and there. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks, Grace. I have been a work in progress my whole life. The great thing is… life keeps getting better every day and it started out pretty good. :)


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