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Week 9 – Blame the Apple Pie

This blog was due the Friday after Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We had it at my house, surrounded by family and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was tremendously nice that everyone is healthy and able to get together for dinner. And I enjoy having everyone over.

excusesFriday morning, I decided to have apple pie for breakfast.

And that was it. My mouth was blistered, I was terribly ill. I’ll spare you the details. I reacted to something in the apple pie. And I was sick for days.

Just as I was recovering, my son got sick. Very sick.

Life got very, very busy.

I let my Master Keys Lessons slip. I have not been keeping my commitments. I considered quitting the blogging requirements and still haven’t decided if I am going to continue.

My friend, Carolynn told me to get something up for the two weeks behind, do my sits and get back into it. She is right. If I give this up… that would not be good.

I am getting back in the swing of things. I am going to read Og and then go to bed.

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