When My Ship Comes In… Week 8

My ship comes inWhen my ship comes in, I picture a yacht and not a battleship!

On or before June 2020, my husband and I will sail from Whitehall to Florida… in a beautiful boat with a comfortable cabin.

Again, I struggled with the Master Key lesson this week. I decided on Wednesday to switch from the battleship to a 1985 Ford Mustang because I could visualize it better… and that seems to be working better for me.

Still another couple of days with this exercise and I will be grateful to move onto the next exercise, whatever it may be. Some weeks are more of a challenge than others.

A friend of mine started a yoga class and I decided to start going this week. I think the yoga is helping me to meditate better… if that makes sense.

Ted and Shemane NugentShemane Nugent wrote another blog on her experience with toxic mold… and it sparked an idea in my head.

Shemane is so into Zumba… I think I’m going to give Zumba a try next week. I have another friend who does Zumba 3-4 times a week… I’m giving her a call this weekend.

I keep seeing a mini-movie of me, Mike, Ted Nugent and Shemane having dinner together. I can see that happening like it’s already here… and it puts a huge smile on my face to see her write another blog about the mold.

That tells me she is passionate about helping others by getting the word out there. Time to put some more effort into connecting with Shemane and talking about having her be the spokesperson for MoldSupport.org Then, dinner to celebrate!

It’s been a tough week for the positive mental diet. We were supposed to find out on Monday whether GE will shut down the factory where my husband works… they postponed the announcement until Thursday. He was a little down and mopey this week… not his usual chipper self.

Final decision? YES. GE is shutting down the plant. They will not shut down before September 2014. So that gives us plenty of time to replace his income with our home business.

Using the skills from Go90Grow and the visualization from MKMMA… we are well on our way to freedom out of the box.

Now, I am more motivated than ever!

This week’s goals are:

Start a Facebook fan page for the Live! Event in Kauai… let’s talk flights and hotel plans and who is going on what date… how long are we staying and things we can do while we are there.

I STILL need to do my dream board… and I AM getting up in the morning and doing it!

I am going to start a fan page for Freedom Out of the Box… it’s about time. A fan page should catapult my vision into reality.

Since it’s late, and I have not done my readings… it’s time for bed. I will go to bed dreaming of my new reality.

It seems so close… I can almost touch it.

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6 thoughts on “When My Ship Comes In… Week 8

  1. Larry Ashcraft

    I too have been having trouble with the mental diet and the week has been challenging. While shutting the plant down may initially be a “downer”, it is maybe just the opportunity you need to really take off with the home based business. We are also in that situation, needing to shut down one business, but finding it just the motivation we need to get going on our home based business. Looking for the most valuable reality that will take us to where we want to go. I love the yacht picture—I can see peace, joy & harmony as you sail rather than the trauma of the battleship. Good read. Keep up the good work.

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks, Larry. I am grateful to share this journey with you. So glad you enjoyed the picture of the yacht… that’s our future reality. I am starting to see that this bump in the road is fueled by my own desires. We can’t sail the world when one of us is tied down to a job.

  2. Mark Laytin

    I fully understand the mental diet part. I am the President of my local Chamber of Commerce until Jan. 16 at 7:30 p.m….lol can you sense I am looking forward to something? This week was a very political week, and I struggled to stay above the fray, not altogether perfectly…so I know that part. The readings though, I permit myself no lapses…schedule them, and treat them like the cure for ails you. I know you can do it Heather!!

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks for the encouragement, Mark. I guess it sounded like I went to bed without reading… no matter how late, I always do my readings. I am working on flipping my schedule and going to bed early to get up early. I bet you are a good president. Don’t let them elect you again! Sounds like you could use a break!

  3. Kellie

    Oh I LOVE yoga!! I haven’t done it lately but when I do, I could completely free my mind of all the junk that would go through it. Prior to MKMMA I had “stuff” in my head all the time yoga would give me a sense of peace to get rid of it. I loved it! Never done Zumba but have a few friends that swear by it. Let me know how it goes! Sorry to hear about your husband’s job. The GE plant in my city just closed as well. They are closing their doors March 2014 I think. I’ve actually gotten a few house listings (I’m a real estate agent at my j.o.b) due to them relocating. It’s heartbreaking to see these people have to move to another city. You are on fire!! You can totally make this business your income. You give, you are wise, you know your stuff, and you are so cheerful and fun to work with. I am excited to see where you go Heather. Cheers to a better week for hubby and a fantastic week to visualize your future!!!!

    1. Heather Post author

      I kept up with the yoga this week… and will do the Zumba starting on Monday of next week. I will let you know how it goes. If you were an real estate agent in my area, I would definitely list with you! You are a ray of sunshine and I really enjoy getting to know you better. Thank you, Kellie!


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